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I live life to it's fullest, always learning, always doing, sometimes failing, often succeeding.

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Northside Inspired

I am Northside inspired because I graduated from Northside's John Jay High School in 1991. My three sons attended Northside schools from elementary - high school and they all graduated from their Northside high schools. I taught 7th grade general education, Pre-AP, and GT science at Pat Neff Middle School for four years. While at Pat Neff Middle school: I was the Journalism sponsor for three years. I was a guest football coach for both the 7th grade and 8th grade football teams on several occassions. I received a NEF grant for innovative microscopes for the classroom. I received a grant along with my colleague Sarah Jaramillo from the San Antonio Spurs in order to create a recycling program, a campus clean-up program and a schoolyard habitat. I worked with the shop teacher, art teacher and librarian to build and design little free libraries for Pat Neff and Holmes High School. I was teacher of the year for the 2016-2017 school year. I am currently the GT specialist at Bernal Middle School.

Associate's degree and Bachelor's degree

I received my Associates degree in science from Palo Alto college in 1999. After receiveing my degree I went to work in science labs at UT Health Science Center and Southwest Research. Disillusioned by how science labs really worked I moved on to work at USAA and then Citibank. Unhappy with those jobs I began to realize that what I truly wanted was to be a teacher so I returned to school to get my Master's degree. I received my master's degree from Texas A&M San Antonio in 2011.

Master's degree

I recently received a grant in order to pursue my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialty in science at Our Lady of the Lake University. I love learning and I am enjoying the chance to grow.


I am a complete fan girl and love all things geeky. My husband of 18 years Vincent and I have our very own YouTube show where we talk about all things geeky and especially those in San Antonio. I have also begun my own YouTube channel where I talk about being a teacher and how I run my classroom.


I am a freelance writer for tabletop gaming companies, which means I write for companies who create games where people physically sit together and play games with one another on the table with a game board or pen and paper. Normally I write background stories for characters or histories for town or cities but sometimes I write the funny things that are on the cards for a card game or I write the rules so they are easier to understand.


I love reading and bug hunting with my youngest son who wants to be an entomologist. I love movies, I go see one almost every week. I believe in teaching and the impact that a teacher can have in a person's life. I am proud of being a teacher and believe everything has led me to this profession and helped me to be good at what I do.

Gifted & Talented

Gifted students come from every cultural background and they see the world in unique ways, it is our responsibility to help them develop their minds because they just might discover innovative answers to the most challenging questions of their generation.

Sometimes it is difficult to be gifted. In 1985 Galbraith determined that there were eight main concerns that gifted students have, they are:

  1. 1) No one explains what being gifted is all about -- it's kept a big secret.

  2. 2) The stuff we do in school is too easy and it's boring.

  3. 3) Parents, teachers and friends expect us to be perfect, to "do our best" all the time.

  4. 4) Kids often tease us about being smart.

  5. 5) Friends who really understand us are few and far between.

  6. 6) We feel too different and wish people would accept us for what we are.

  7. 7) We feel overwhelmed by the number of things we can do in life.

  8. 8) We worry a lot about world problems and feel helpless to do anything about them. This year we are going to talk about these and how to deal with them and grow from these obstacles rather than let them stop us.

ELA (English Language Arts)

"To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark." -Victor Hugo

This year we will be entering the amazing world of novels and the stories that unfold within them. We will discover wonderous worlds unknown to us before and we will also create some of our own. Language is a tool that can build a new world or crumble an old one, use it wisely and you can create, use it poorly and you can destroy.






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